image of birds flying around
Guenter Horn at work in atelier (studio)

Online Exhibition

The works shown here are sorted by their technique in the main menu like oil, lithography, etching and drawing and lead to an overview exhibition under this category: Clicking one of these previews of the art work in this online exhibition links to a popup of the art work and its bigger presentation. The labels and descriptions below the art work previews are common categories in graphic art and painting and can be used to sort and filter art works independent from the menu category. There are techniques again (like oil and etching), motif series (like Berlin or Farmstead close-ups) and subjects/studies (like Stil life or portrait). These categories can be used to filter the art work the other way around despite of which menu item and technique was chosen before.

Further art works can be found in the stocks of several art work galleries, museums and exhibitions worldwide. For acquisition of art work it is not guaranteed but possible to arrange sightings in the exhibition rooms of the artist on demand. Please use the contact form (in the main menu) to provide more information about your interest and we will forward your inquiry.