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Guenter Horn (photo made by the filmmaker S. Ugowsky)

About the artist - biography

Informations about the life and the work of the painter and graphic artist with infos about stations and exhibitions - sources: german wikipedia, association of graphic artists Mecklenburg / Germany:


  • 1935 born in Berlin
  • 1950-53 shipbuilding apprenticeship
  • 1953-61 working as interior and advertising designer
  • 1957-62 nude drawing class at further education college in Pankow (Berlin, Germany)
  • 1961-68 interior designer at many Berlin theatres, beginn of autodidactic artistical progress
  • 1965-67 menthoring and furthering via the artist Prof. Otto Nagel
  • 1965 the first official painting
  • 1966 the first official lithography
  • 1968 nominee for main association of graphic artists
  • from 1969 self-employed painter and graphic srtist
  • from 1971 member in main association of graphic artists
  • 1985-2005 annual art event in the "Gallery, The Farmstead" Grammentin, Germany (initiator)
  • from 1991 member of association for graphic artists Mecklenburg, Germany
  • 2002 cultural award of Demmin county, Germany
  • to the present: several attendances of exhibitions worldwide (see below) as well as readings, events and vernissages with combined exhibitions of new motif series

Solo exhibitions:

Germany: Berlin, Havelberg, Magdeburg, Malchin, Saalfeld, Cottbus, Rostock, Halle, Gera, Suhl, Schwerin, Dresden, Chemnitz, Mölln, Bremen, Wittenberg, Teterow, Stavenhagen, Burg Stargard, Waren and Szerencs (Hungary), and Sankt Petersburg (Russia), and many more ...

Combined exhibitions:

VIII. art exhibition of East Germany, Baden-Baden, Lille, Bremen, Dresden, Göttingen, Irak, Leuven, Lissabon, Lugano, Mölln, Moskau, Sofia, St. Omer, Tokio, Bretagne, Brüssel

Paintings in public domain:

Kupferstich-Kabinett Berlin, Märkisches Museum Berlin, Fritz-Reuter-Literaturmuseum Stavenhagen, Staatliches Museum Schwerin, Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg, Kunstarchiv Beeskow

Artwork in public areas:

Gable art work in Berlin Mitte, Wall painting Tierpark Berlin, Wall painting Neubrandenburg, Wall painting Teterow, Deckenbild Hotel Verchen, Wall painting Schloss Stavenhagen, Wall painting Grammentin, Day care center Berlin Marzahn

Sources (German)