image of birds flying around
  • Guenter Horn at work in atelier (studio)

    Online Exhibition

    The works shown here are sorted by their technique in the main menu like oil, lithography, etching and drawing and lead to an overview exhibition under this category: Clicking one of these previews of the art work in [ ... ]

  • The place where ...

    The place where the ...

    ... pictures intrinsically exist and where the artist paints them as seen thru' his eyes, is a designoid, elemental fairytale-like, nature enclosed country estate with a red-brown farmhouse, on the edge of the woods, in [ ... ]

  • Guenter Horn (photo made by the filmmaker S. Ugowsky)

    About the artist - biography

    Informations about the life and the work of the painter and graphic artist with infos about stations and exhibitions - sources: german wikipedia, association of graphic artists Mecklenburg / Germany: Biography 1935 born [ ... ]

  • Picture of film and theater actress Karin Ugowski

    Readings ...

    performed by the actress Karin Ugowski and her guests can be a good occasion for the viewing of the paintings of her Husband, the painter and graphic artist Guenter Horn and are arranged frequently at the picturesquely [ ... ]