Areas of work
German painter and graphic artist with exhibitions all over the world

Günter Horn

... is a German Painter and Graphic artist (* 18. August 1935 in Berlin). He is married with the well-known theater- and film actress Karin Ugowski and is living and working in his country estate in the North countryside of Germany. His oilpaintings portraing the changeable weather of the North of Germany are very admired in theater- and film quartes, possibly reasoned by his earlier work as a scene builder and stage designer for many big theater directors in the late 1970's.

From 1965 to 1967 he was sponsored by the well-known painter and graphic artist Otto Nagel and is today considered his last surviving student. Since 1969 Günter Horn has been a freelance painter and graphic artist.

His artistic work is often divided into two phases. In the period from 1969 to 1985, many oil paintings and lithographs were created in reference to his hometown of Berlin. The houses with the frameless black windows and the Berlin firewalls are probably the most famous motifs that repeatedly appeared in his oil paintings, etchings and lithographs. They probably symbolize the metropolitan anonymity and the often described as cold and gray effect of Berlin at the time, with the old buildings from World War II in East Berlin, some of which were still heavily destroyed. These pictures were also shown in exhibitions in Iraq, Lisbon, Moscow and Tokyo.